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Tuberous sclerosis; SEGA; Symptomatic epilepsy
Delay in the neuro-psychical development

Mia is a seven-year-old girl. She lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. She has severe medical issues but is showing progress in her development.

Mia can walk, run and climb stairs by herself. She is developing her fine motor skills. She can hold a pencil with three fingers and color on paper. She enjoys holding books and looking at the pictures within them.

Mia has a good memory and recognizes familiar songs, places and people in her life. She is comfortable around those she does not know and is social. She enjoys cuddling and is a very positive girl.

Mia cannot speak but can communicate her needs through sounds. She can eat by herself. She is not potty-trained yet but is working toward it.

Mia needs a loving, compassionate family to welcome her into their hearts and home.

If you would like to find out more about children available for adoption in Bulgaria, contact Upbring International Adoption: email  [email protected]. You may also call 800-396-4611 and ask to speak to the International Adoption team.

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