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March 17th

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Amy & Steve

Meet the Families - Amy & SteveHi! We are Amy and Steve and we cannot wait to begin our family! We met in 2004 at work and got married in 2008. We love our life together and try to squeeze a lot of laughter and joy into each day.

Amy is from a small town in Massachusetts and Steve is from a big city in Texas. Although we grew up in very different environments, since we’ve met we have both grown to appreciate the perspectives on life that the other person has. We believe that one of the most important parts of our marriage is communication. We always talk to each other about what is going on, and we rely on each other for strength, support and advice in both our personal and professional lives. We always refer to ourselves as “a team” and we know that together, there is no challenge we cannot face.

Steve is the youngest of three, and Amy is the oldest of three. Steve has two sisters, and Amy does as well. Our child will be welcomed into a loving, extended family who are all just as excited as we are about the adoption process.

The two of us have always been open to adoption. The more we talked about it with friends and family, the more we realized just how many people in our lives have experienced adoption. We are blessed to have an amazing, supportive network of family and friends.

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