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January 16th

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Kevin & Mary

Meet the Families - Kevin & MaryFirst and foremost, we would like to express our appreciation that you are considering an adoption plan, and even more appreciation that you may be considering us personally.

Kevin is 32 and designs/manages roads for our local city. Kevin is outgoing, competitive, funny and a great talker. He likes watching football, playing Frisbee golf, bird watching and eating anything with green chile.

Mary is 30 and is a stay at home mom. Mary is kind, compassionate, artistic and funny. She likes to be crafty, sip sweet tea, be out in the fresh air and eat wonderful food. Kevin and Mary met while attending Texas Tech University and have been married eight years.

Our daughter Clare is a sweet and happy five year old. Clare likes to read books, explore the outdoors, and go on crazy imaginary adventures. Kevin and Mary both come from large extended families. Often at holidays, we are surrounded by at least a dozen cousins.

Even though we don’t know you, we are wishing the very best for you no matter what you decide. Whatever happens from now on is out of our control, and we’re okay with that. God has always guided our lives and taken us down paths we never would have chosen otherwise. It has lead us to each other as a couple, new jobs better than the last and now the joy of adoption.

If it’s possible, we would hope for a meeting prior to birth. We would like for you, in the midst of this serious decision, to have the utmost confidence in your decision and your selection of an adoptive family. In addition, we would like to get to know you personally. We hope the coming years will be filled with e-mails, pictures and phone calls with updates. We know it will take time for our relationship to grow and become comfortable, but we hope it will flourish into a friendship.

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