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Mike & Carrie

Meet the Families - Mike & CarrieHi, we are Mike and Carrie. We have been married for over ten years and are excited about adopting our first child. We both enjoy children and are a very involved aunt and uncle to Mike’s brother’s three children and Carrie’s best friend’s three children. However, we look forward to having our own.

Mike grew up attending the Lutheran church and met Carrie through a bible study. We plan to raise our child with Christian beliefs and morals by praying, spending time reading the Bible, talking about God and being active in our church.

Mike enjoys hunting, camping, fishing, hiking and baseball. He describes himself as funny, easygoing, a foodie and a sports aficionado. He joined the US Navy in 2001 and served as a sonar technician for six years on the USS McClusky. In 2007, we decided it was time to try something new. We moved to Texas. Here, Mike received his bachelor’s degree and is only a short six-months away from finishing his master’s degree. Mike has worked at the same higher-education place of employment the entire time we have been in Texas.

Carrie enjoys volunteering, reading, hiking, crafts, dogs and photography.  She is outgoing, devoted to her family and strongly desires to be a mother. Following college graduation, Carrie worked for several nonprofits, received her master’s degree and today is working from home as a consumer specialist.

Our one dog, “Daisy”, is an adopted, 10 year-old female basset/golden-lab who resides mostly inside. She is friendly with children and adults and loves to lick things.

We desire to teach our child these values: ethics, faith, education, integrity, love and respect. We will be involved in their social activities and events. We also plan to have dinner together at the table as a family.

We are willing to have an open relationship with you, including pre-match meetings, ongoing letters and picture-exchanges. Thank you for considering us. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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