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Sean & Jeanie

Hi! Our names are Sean and Jeanie. We are high school sweethearts and have been married for nearly 17 years. We have one daughter, Hannah. We’ve considered adoption for several years and look forward to adding to our family.

Sean is a seventh-generation Texan and grew up on land that has been in his family since the 1800s. He attended public and Lutheran schools and ultimately graduated from college with a degree in Political Science. After college graduation, we got married and, three weeks later, Sean went on active duty in the Army. He served in the First Cavalry Division and spent 1 year in Iraq. After five years of service, Sean left the Army and, for the last ten years, has worked for a local government entity. Sean enjoys hunting, fishing (especially with Hannah) and historical reenacting. He is also an active member in our church, singing in the choir and presently serving as the church treasurer.

Jeanie is a native Texan and attended parochial schools from Kindergarten through high school. She attended college at the same school as Sean. Due to Sean’s military career, she modified her plans of being a school teacher and received an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. After Sean left the Army, Jeanie worked for ten years in a major preschool chain. In July of 2016, she was offered the opportunity to work for her parents’ wedding and event venue as a bookkeeper working from home. This allowed us to pursue homeschooling Hannah, something that we had felt was not feasible. Jeanie likes to cook, bake and spend time with the mothers in our church’s homeschool co-op. She is also a member of our church’s Altar Guild and Evangelism committee.

We were both raised in homes where church was an important part of our lives. This carried over into our married life and we are ensuring that Hannah (and any other children we are blessed with) is instilled with a faith in the Triune God, which sets the foundation for morals, ethics and education.

As a family, we enjoy travelling. We LOVE cruises, but we also take trips to the beach and historical sites. We also like to grow vegetables in our backyard and spend time with our extended families.

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