Giving Tuesday

October 19th

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Jackie and Alex

Jackie and Alex We have been married for 12 years and we are living in a town in Texas.

Jackie has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Alex is a Computer Systems Engineer, both studied in a city of Mexico. Jackie is currently a housewife and a part time student and Alex is a Director of Information Technology with a Master’s in Business Administration.

Jackie likes to walk or run, especially in parks or nature areas.  She also really enjoys playing with children. Alex likes to make pastries, play basketball and exercise.  We both like to listen to music, enjoy the outdoors, travel and watch movies at theatres but we like to watch movies even more at home laying on the floor or couch with popcorn, treats and drinks.

We don’t have children; however, we do have some experience taking care of children.  We raised one of our nephews for 6 years, between the ages of 6 and 12, but he does not live with us anymore, as he returned to his Mom. Jackie also worked in a day care for a period of two and half years as a substitute teacher assistant.

Our dream is to be blessed with a baby in our family, to give him/her love, time, care, an education based on our values, leading by example to prepare to him/her to be a responsible, independent and especially a happy person.