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July 20th

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Aiden, Penelope and Zoey

Aiden, Penelope and Zoey were removed from a situation of severe neglect and placed into an orphanage, from which they were later separated into three separate foster homes. The children currently live in the same town and can see each other frequently. Aiden and Zoe attend the same school and Penelope is in another building close by.

When Aiden was removed from the home of his biological mother at the age of 7, he could barely walk and was unable to speak. Given this, plus the fact that he has endured multiple living situations since then, Aiden has shown amazing progress. This outgoing, friendly boy continues to increase his working vocabulary and he can now speak in sentences with supportive prompts from an adult. Aiden has a group of friends at school and willingly joins group games, although he does not always comprehend the rules. Sometimes when children insult him because of his origin or dark skin, he can act aggressively in defense. If the kids act friendly with him, he responds in the same way. His teachers described Aiden as a pure-hearted, honest, active, smiling and loving boy. He prefers math and Bulgarian language to gymnastics and other sports. He struggles with memorization and finishing tasks on his own sometimes, but can complete them when he receives assistance. Aiden protects his sisters in school and on the street if needed. He feels it is his duty to take care of them. He enjoys helping around the house. His dream is to become a boxer one day.

Penelope is the youngest child. She was born premature and underwent surgery for an inguinal hernia in December 2017. Furthermore, she is a healthy and bright girl, who is in 1st grade this year. She is always full of energy, ready to play games and be involved in little adventures.

Penelope works with a recourse teacher, psychologist and pedagogue due to difficulties with reading comprehension. She learns best with frequent repetition and encouragement. She is a compassionate girl who enjoys painting, coloring, listening to music and spending time with her best friends and her older sister. She is independent in her self-service skills and maintains good personal hygiene and a neat appearance.

Zoey is a gentle, kind, positive and joyful girl. She respects the authority of adults, follows rules and helps with household chores. Zoey has a group of friends and shows good skills for joint play as well as independent play. She likes fairytales, watching children’s movies and is passionate about painting and coloring.

Zoey copes well with the requirements of school, where she is a diligent student who regularly completes her homework. She works with a resource teacher, receives speech therapy due to mild difficulties with pronunciation and has sessions with a psychologist and a pedagogue. Zoey takes good care of her personal belongings and is independent regarding self-service and personal hygiene skills. Her only dream is to live together with her brother and sister.

These siblings urgently need a warm and caring forever home with parents who will show them the love, protection, and encouragement they have never known.

If you would like to find out more about children available for adoption in Bulgaria, contact Upbring International Adoption: email [email protected]. You may also call 800-396-4611 and ask to speak to the International Adoption team.