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May 21st

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Older Child

Andrew is a very active 11-year-old boy who loves to play soccer and volleyball. He is living in a Child Center for Healthy Children in Eastern Europe.

In the Center live 12 children – 2 in a room. Andrew is neat, clean and loves his room to be tidy and clean, too. Staff described him as quiet and polite child, who behaves well, helping in the kitchen and in the garden, as well.

Andrew is in 5th grade in the public school and physical and mentally well developed for his age. He is doing very well and his favorite subject is math, but he likes to recite poems, too. The child is given as a good example to the other pupils. When asked about his day at school, he excitedly tells about children’s theater, which takes place in school, about tricks performed by a magician, and about music and lights. Andrew is an emotional and at the same time a shy boy. He is looking positively towards international adoption.

If you would like to find out more about children available for adoption in Bulgaria, contact Upbring International Adoption: email [email protected]. You may also call 800-396-4611 and ask to speak to the International Adoption team.