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November 21st

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Waiting Kids Bulgaria - Jonathan

Jonathan is a warm, curious, charming 18-month-old boy who lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe, where he receives lots of attention from his caregivers. His favorite toy is a ball, and he laughs and shouts when he plays with it.

Jonathan had surgery to address his Hydrocephalus and, as a result, a shunt was placed. After this operation, the Spina Bifida almost disappeared from his back. He cannot move his legs, but the doctors from the orphanage noticed he has sensitivity in his right leg.

Mentally, Jonathan is well developed for his age. While he has physical problems, he shows signs of improvement with support and intervention from specialists in the orphanage.

If you would like to find out more about children available for adoption in Bulgaria, contact Upbring International Adoption: email You may also call 800-396-4611 and ask to speak to the International Adoption team.

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