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Siblings Aiden, Penelope and Zoey were born in December 2006, June 2010 and January 2009, respectively. All three children are in good health. Aiden has been diagnosed with mild mental disability. Zoey is typically developing. The little Penelope has some delay in growth – she is so tiny, but physically and mentally, she is doing very well.

These children were removed from a situation of severe neglect and placed into an institution, from which they were later separated into three foster homes. The kids live in the same little town, and they could see each other frequently. Especially in school – Aiden and Zoey go to the same school, and Penelope is in another building situated nearby. The kids reported that they were accepted well in the foster families, and they feel calm and safe there. They are friends with the kids of the foster families, and they have no conflicts with them.

Penelope is the youngest child. She was born premature, and she had inguinal surgery in December 2017. Furthermore, she is a healthy, bright little girl with a great smile. Penelope is proud to be in first grade this year. She is always full of energy, ready to play games or to be involved in little adventures.

Penelope works with a resource teacher and psychologist due to difficulties with reading comprehension. She learns best with frequent repetition and encouragement. She is a compassionate girl who enjoys painting, coloring, listening to music, and spending time with her best friends and her older sister.

Penelope is independent in her self-care skills and independently maintains good personal hygiene and a neat appearance.

These siblings urgently need a warm and caring forever home with parents who will show them the love, protection and encouragement they have never known.

If you would like to find out more about children available for adoption in Bulgaria, contact Upbring International Adoption: email [email protected]. You may also call 800-396-4611 and ask to speak to the International Adoption team.