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Holoprosencephaly, Speech delays
Developmental delays

Sophia is a calm, smiling 4-year-old girl living in a Baby Home in Eastern Europe.

She has some delays; she does not move alone. She walks, climbs and goes down the stairs with support, but slowly.  Sophia can pick up a toy and manipulate it. She performs stereotypic movements with her arm and pronounces loud vocal sounds. Sophia has no psychiatric disorders and deviations.

Due to her main illnesses, Sophia has delays regarding physical and neuro-mental development. She rarely vomits, and she has good weight and height gaining curve.

Sophia’s fine motor skills are in a process of development. She can take a toy by herself and manipulate it. She enjoys the toys, and she can collect cubes in a bucket with some help from an adult and roll a ball. Sophia is familiar with a pencil and a sheet, but she cannot use them yet.

Sophia remains calm in the children’s group. She initiates contact with an adult who is pleasant for her as she touches the person and laughs when he/she teases her. She stays next to the children, observes their games and smiles.

Sophia works individually with a psychologist and a pedagogue. She receives permanent rehabilitation.

Sophia is in diapers, and she eats mashed food and enjoys milk and biscuits.

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