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Epilepsy (undetermined). Epidermolysis bullosa.
Delay in the neuro-psychical development

Timothy is a cute 4-year-old boy living in a Baby Home in Eastern Europe. He has considerable delays in neuro-psychical development. His control of the head is unsatisfactory, there is no support on the legs, and he cannot turn from his back to his stomach.

There are moments when Timothy can be irritable, and then he cries. When picked up, he becomes even more irritable because touching him is painful.

Timothy turns his head toward the source of noise, faces and objects. He recognizes the staff’s faces. He can concentrate for very short periods on an object that is shown to him.

Timothy makes sounds, and he is interested in looking at musical toys that spin. In general, he prefers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Timothy is fully served by his caregivers.

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