Giving Tuesday

January 23rd

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For most children, going to school, playing sports, reading bedtime stories and enjoying family dinners are part of a childhood they’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, there are thousands of children who face a different reality. School, sports and stories are pushed to the side for the sake of survival and the search for safety.

Upbring is on a mission to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children to take back their lives and build bright futures free from abuse, neglect and trauma. We are working to raise expectations within the community, and within the children themselves, about what they can achieve in life. They may have had a rough start, but their lives can be redeemed. They can grow into adults who pass on the kindness they received, instead of the violence. Our Residential Treatment Centers, Emergency Shelters and Trinity Charter School campuses at the centers are equipped with the staff and resources to provide these children with the protection, counseling, education and, most importantly, the love they need to heal and grow.

Every journey to wholeness has a different point of entry.

That’s why our innovative and life-changing programs and services provide support for children and families at every stage of life. Working with various partners, we come together to surround children with love and support.

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