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January 23rd

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Volunteer Opportunities at Krause Children’s Center

Host a benefit/drive event: Have a garage sale, bowling tournament, chili cook-off or ladies tea party and donate the proceeds to help the teens at Krause. You can also have a drive for toiletries, school supplies or gift cards.

Musical performance for kids: Teens love concerts! We welcome all kinds of musicians out to entertain them, or better yet, help them tap into their own creative potential.

Shop for Point Store: Calling all shoppers. Each month we need volunteers to shop for items that will be “sold” in the campus store. These items typically include plush pillows, aromatic shampoos and delicious snacks. The teens at Krause get to shop for these items with points they earned by demonstrating responsibility and good behavior.

Event planning: Krause has a gala and golf event each year to help support our ministry. Your administrative skills, ability to network, enthusiasm and ideas are needed to help plan these events.

Group activities: Gather a group and provide social interaction and fun to our teens. You can share crafts, sports, dance, theater, board games or just about anything you can think of.

Host holiday parties for teens: Help the Krause Kids celebrate! Host a party, picnic or festival to celebrate holidays like Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Super bowl, Mardi Gras and the Fourth of July.

Mentor a child: You could be a role model to a teen who needs a friend. All it takes is one hour a week for three to six months.

Provide a commercially prepared meal: You can give a truly heartfelt gift—a pizza party, sandwiches, pancakes—any commercially prepared food. What teen doesn’t love food? We serve 80 people three times a day. (Sorry, no home-cooked meals.)

Provide quilts for kids: Every young person who arrives at Krause receives a new quilt. If you enjoy quilting, you can help provide the gift of comfort for a Krause girl.

Plan/execute camps and activities during spring and holiday breaks: The teens at Krause work hard and deserve fun-filled breaks. Sports camps, teen retreats, fun “how to” classes, fairs, Bible camps and more can all be modified and brought to Krause during the breaks.

Campus maintenance and beautification: We want the teens at Krause to know they are in a place of love and safety. Your energy and expertise can keep the Krause Children’s Center looking good and running well for our residents. We appreciate your time and skills in painting, power washing, landscaping and various repair projects.

Academic tutors: Academics is a priority at Krause. Volunteers are of great service when they can provide extra tutoring to students in Math, English, Science and/or Social Studies.

Seasonal decorators: Put your decorating skills to use each season. Transform our lobby to make it look beautiful and festive. We want the Krause kids to feel the spirit of each holiday.

Gift wrappers: Do you have a gift for wrapping? Use your talent to wrap holiday gifts for the Krause kids.

Worship/devotion leaders: Worship and devotion is very important at Krause. We would love for you to use your gifts and talents to lead a worship service, Bible study, devotion time or book study.

For volunteer opportunities at Krause Children’s Center, please register here.

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