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This page offers answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions regarding New Life Children’s Center, please get in touch:


Jonathon Stanford, Interim Executive Director

Lisa Brown, Director of Volunteer Services

Kellie Ragland, Superintendent, Trinity Charter Schools

Qunisha Simmons, Program Director

Mailing Address

New Life Children’s Center
650 Scarborough Road
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

How long has New Life been in operation?

In 1993, Lutheran Social Services purchased a 15-bed alcohol and drug treatment facility that was expanded and repurposed to become New Life Children’s Center. It has always been a girls-only treatment center.

How many girls live at New Life?

The Center accommodates 80 girls at a time; we serve 170-200 per year.

Where do these kids come from?

70% are placed through Child Protective Services; 30% through their Juvenile Probation Officer.

Where do they go to school?

On-site education is provided by Trinity Charter School, an affiliate of Upbring. Our education goal is to get our students back on grade level so they can transition smoothly to another school setting.

How long do they stay at New Life?

The average stay is 6 to 9 months.

Where do they go when they leave?

They go to various home situations, ranging from foster care, independent living programs, group homes, to living with a family member and sometimes home.

Do they get to see their families?

Some of the girls are allowed visits by family members, but this is dependent on approval from their caseworker.

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