Giving Tuesday

January 17th

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While many children play pretend and imagine they are princesses and pirates, unaccompanied children are often forced to grow up quickly and face a reality of danger, war and violence. Many flee the only home they’ve ever known and leave family who have loved and cared for them to make a perilous journey toward safety. They often travel on their own, and if they manage to find asylum, arrive in an unfamiliar country feeling lost, lonely, frightened and worried that no one will be able to help them or understand what they’re trying to say.

Upbring operates programs through a grant from the Office of Refugee and Resettlement (ORR) to help children who cross the border alone reunite with their families. When a child enters our care at Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter, New Hope Children’s Shelter, Grace House Children’s Shelter or through Transitional Foster Care, we connect them to critical resources and work to make sure that each child feels like they are seen, understood and valued.

Our safe, temporary environments provide a comforting, home-like atmosphere where children are surrounded by professional staff and/or trained and nurturing foster parents who care for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. As a nonprofit organization who seeks to serve children and families in need, we work to ensure that they can heal from trauma and treated as children of God while awaiting reunification with their families or a sponsor.


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