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June 16th

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Short-term care. Long-term impact.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in Texas and throughout the United States helps new populations in­tegrate into American life by connecting them to critical resources. Upbring operates four ORR programs in Texas for children 0-17 years old who have migrated to the U.S. alone or with other minors, survivors of long and treacherous journeys they have been forced to take.

These unaccompanied children cross the border without parents or legal guardians, although the majority do have family in the U.S. and are coming to join them – they are escaping situations in their own countries that include civil wars, extreme poverty, and pervasive gang violence.

Rather than being deported, children who cross the border from Central America are turned over to ORR, held in designated facilities and provided with services while locating and investigating the whereabouts of their family members.

Serving this vulnerable young population after they cross the Texas border – largely from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – is an important part of our mission to break the cycle of child abuse. Undocumented and often unable to understand even rudimentary English, the children risk falling victim to dangerous sweatshop labor, low wages and even sexual slavery.

Upbring’s ORR programs ensure unaccompanied children are in safe, temporary environments, surrounded by professional staff and/or trained and nurturing foster parents.

With access to educational opportunities, shelter and legal resources, they are helped to make their own way in life, whether that means returning to their home country, reunification with family, or asylum in the United States.


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