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June 16th

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The strain on families during disasters is astounding and Upbring Disaster Response will walk alongside all who come to us for help. While it’s impossible to assess the full scope of destruction in the early stage of a crisis, we know the process of rebuilding lives will certainly linger long after the land is dry. And we also know that there are tens of thousands of families in need.

Volunteer Opportunities – Louisiana

The floodwaters swamping South Louisiana are being called the largest U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and the number of families needing our help rises each day …

Crisis Cleanup Intake Line

Organizations – doing cleanup – are strongly encouraged to register with Crisis Cleanup.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Crisis Cleanup, it is an open-source, web-based application where homeowner cleanup jobs are posted and then vetted organizations – who have access to the database – can access the job orders to complete them. Crisis Cleanup is an effort to reduce duplication, track jobs that need to get completed and map/track the work that is being done. It can also be helpful for planning long-term efforts and a way to ensure disaster survivors don’t fall through the cracks.

How to Register an Organization as a New User:

1)      Visit

2)      Click on Sign-Up (top right hand corner of the screen)

3)      Click on Register Here (under New Organization)

4)      Choose LA-MS Flood Aug 2016 as the Disaster

5)      Complete the rest of the form and select Sign-Up to submit your application

How to Re-Deploy* an Organization for this LA-MS Flood Aug 2016 event:
(* if your organization has already used Crisis Cleanup for a prior response)

1)      Visit

2)      Click on Sign-Up (top right hand corner of the screen)

3)      Click on Redeploy Now (under Redeploy Your Organization)

To learn more about debris removal, donations, volunteering, case management, emotional/spiritual care and more, please refer to this helpful document.

Upbring Disaster Response continues to connect groups desiring to volunteer in the rebuilding efforts in Louisiana. Please contact Jessica Vermilyea at [email protected] or 504-376-9121.

Volunteer Opportunities – Texas

West: Residents of West, Texas, who were affected by the explosion are still in need of assistance. Areas of need include repair/rebuild of homes, medical expenses, household goods and utility or rent assistance. If you or your group is interested in helping in these areas, please contact Pastor Matt Canion of St. Paul in Waco at 254-799-3211, Ext. 204.

Austin (Travis County): More than 100 families are still in need of help related to the “Halloween Floods” in October 2013. If you or your group is interested in volunteering to assist these families, please contact Margery Marshall at 512-459-1000.

Find an Opportunity: If you would like to volunteer, but do not have a group to work with, please register with Once registered, you will be notified of available volunteer opportunities based on your desired preferences.

Volunteer Opportunities – Oklahoma

If you or your group is interested in volunteering to assist with long-term recovery efforts related to the deadly tornadoes in Central Oklahoma in 2013, please contact Jeff Nieman at [email protected] or 405-287-7536.

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