Giving Tuesday

January 20th

#GivingTuesday is Tuesday, November 28. Find out more about this 24-hour, special opportunity to make 2X impact, click here.

Classroom Stories

Welcome to the USAS School Blog Page! 

We are happy to share information, stories and up-to-date happenings from each of our classrooms at USAS. Please visit each classroom’s page to learn more:

  • The Butterfly Room – 6 weeks (opens August 2018); Ms. Jenn
  • The Caterpillar Room – 12 months; Miss. Connie
  • The Froggie Room – 18 months; Ms. Dahlin
  • The Wee Little Piggy Room – 2 years; Ms. Audrey
  • The Ferret Room – PK3 (opens August 2018); Ms. Raquel
  • The Magnolia Room – PK4; Ms. Leigh
  • Kindergarten – coming soon to our new wing (opens August 2019)

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