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Ready. Educated. Accomplished Leaders.

A Supervised Independent Living program of Upbring. Empowering Young Adults. Building Lives. Achieving Independence.

Imagine being 18 and beginning life as an adult without a strong support system and with few resources. Many young adults in this position often find themselves homeless and lacking the education, job and life skills required to embrace careers and adulthood to the best of their abilities. Upbring BeREAL helps foster youth successfully transition to self-sufficiency and independence by providing support, education planning and mentorship as well as Supervised Independent Living (SIL) as they age out of care (programs vary by location). Upbring BeREAL New Orleans, in coordination with the Department of Children and Family Services in Louisiana, was first established in 2009.

  • Housing placements in apartments
  • Direct assistance: food, clothing, transportation and cell phones
  • Case management
  • Household setup (furniture and supplies)
  • Life skills development opportunities
  • Mentoring and permanent connections to caring adults
  • College and career plan advisement
  • College and career plan advisement
  • Incentives and scholarships for academic achievement
  • Housing support opportunities
  • A safe place to talk with mentors and peers

Until now, there have been very few options for young adults aging out of foster care. Many become homeless or incarcerated within the first year, and many do not graduate high school and are unable to pursue their dreams for higher education.

Our goal is to change the odds for these young adults by offering support and stewardship as they transition from foster care to adulthood.

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