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Referring a Young Adult to Upbring BeREAL

Do you know a foster youth who wants to BeREAL? We are looking for young adults aging out of the foster care system who want to become Ready Educated Accomplished Leaders.

Click here for more information on the application process.

Who can refer a young adult for a Supervised Independent Living (SIL) placement with BeREAL?

  • The caseworker, another DFPS staff or the current caregiver.
  • Youth in foster care about to turn 18.
  • Young adults in traditional Extended Foster Care settings.
  • Young adults returning during a trial independence period.
  • Young adults returning after a trial independence period has ended but before turning 21.

Factors to consider when referring a young adult to BeREAL include:

  • Eligibility for the Extended Foster Care program.
  • Recent level of achievement in meeting personal and professional goals.
  • Current behavior and level of maturity.
  • Must be 18 or older on the desired placement date; can start application process at 17.5 years old.
  • Single parents are accepted.

 As the case manager, you can help young people get a strong start on adulthood. The process starts with a conversation, or even a visit to our BeREAL page for young adults.

 What is the application process?

If the case manager and young adult both agree that SIL is the best next step in their life, they can apply to the program. The steps are:

  1. Have them fill out the DFPS SIL Application (Form 2605).
  2. You, as their caseworker, approve and submit Form 2605 and Form 2087EX to [email protected].
  3. The SIL Coordinator in the state office will review the application. If approved, it will be sent back to you with a referral to the SIL Contractor(s) that have available openings.
  4. You will then discuss the available SIL placement options with the young adult. The young adult has the option to accept a SIL placement in any DFPS Region where a SIL setting has been established.
  5. At the young adult’s direction, you can send Forms 2529, 2605 and 2087EX to the agreed-upon SIL provider(s).
  6. Upon initial acceptance by a SIL provider, you and the young adult hold discussions with the SIL provider. If you, the young adult and SIL provider agree on the placement, a placement date is identified and the placement is completed.

Download the forms and find more information on the DFPS SIL website.

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