Upbring Red Ball Austin



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Upbring Red Ball Austin

We're Having A BALL!

Join us for another fun-filled evening as we come together to celebrate at The Red Ball! Red is a color that implies strength, love and - in some cultures - happiness. Embrace the childlike wonder of an evening where you’re invited to laugh with friends and dance until your feet ache - all while making a difference!

Who Benefits?

In its 18th year, Upbring Red Ball Austin is a benefit to champion safety, renewed hope, and dreams for a brighter future for children and young adults served through our Central Texas programs including Upbring New Life Children’s Center, Upbring Foster In Texas and Upbring BeREAL Austin.

Create a Brighter Future for All Texas Children

The Upbring Red Ball is an opportunity to show children that we care. We’re there to tell them that they are seen, heard, and wanted—and that we’re going to do as much as we can to give them a childhood that includes more family dinners, more laughter, and more chances to dream of any future they can imagine. Together, we have already helped thousands of children. There are still hundreds of thousands of kids counting on us to do more.


Austin Chic, which means you can wear whatever you’d like, from blue jeans to ball gowns and anything in between! Our only request is that you add a splash of red to your attire.

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