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8 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Fall is a busy time in households across the U.S. with school, extracurricular activities and the holiday season in full swing. Between navigating homework assignments and driving to soccer practice, meal planning and bedtime, some like-to-do list items are bound to fall through the cracks – like finding the perfect Halloween costumes for your family that won’t break the bank!

Halloween is a fun time for children to create lasting memories as they use their imaginations to become a fairy, a dragon or even a superhero! Invite your children to join you as you find creative ways to put together costumes from items easily found around the house or at the dollar store. Below you’ll find 8 DIY costumes that are sure to bring a smile to their faces:


1. An Emoji

Emojis are everywhere, from movies to pajamas! Cut a giant circle out of yellow poster board and have your child use markers to draw his or her favorite emoji face. Punch two holes at the top, attach string to both sides so they can wear it like a really big necklace and you’re ready to go!


2. A Train

Grab some empty boxes and help your children paint them to look like the engine of a train. You can use paper plates or leftover cardboard to create wheels and a battery-operated light to complete the look. Use string or rope to create two straps and you’re ready to send your children chugging along!


3. A Minion

Paint two paper plates to look like eyes, glue them onto a headband and dress your child in a yellow shirt for a look that’s sure to bring joy and laughs.


4. Salt and Pepper

If you’re taking two children trick-or-treating this year, grab a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt and use paint pens to draw an “S” on one and a “P” on the other. For an added bonus, you can make a shaker “lid” hat out of tin foil.


5. A Bunch of Grapes

Blow up purple balloons and glue or tape them to a black or green t-shirt. Just be careful not to sit down!


6. A Lego

Cut head and arm holes into a large cardboard box and attach paper bowls with glue for the “pegs” – then paint the whole thing your child’s favorite color. If you’re taking multiple children trick-or-treating, you can make a Lego in each color and have them “stick” together!


7. A Ghost

For a unique take on the classic “sheet ghost costume,” use layers of tulle (and ribbon to keep it together) to make a fluffy, spooky spirit! Use construction paper to make eyes and glue them to the tulle to complete the look.


8. A Donut

Glue construction paper sprinkles onto a round pool float for a simple and fun costume.


With a blank t-shirt or a cardboard box, the Halloween costume opportunities are endless. And spending time creating, making a mess, and maybe even a mistake or two will create memories that will keep your family smiling.


What are some of your favorite costumes from childhood? Let us know in the comments! Happy Halloween!




How To: Make a Pet Rock

We’re in the home stretch of summer vacation, and you know what that means – it’s time to cross those final items off your summer bucket list! ICYMI: We shared our own bucket list a few weeks ago, and today we’re going to show you a step-by-step of one of our favorite activities: painting pet rocks.


Painting a pet rock allows your children to spend time outside and indoors while using their imaginations. Our friends at Upbring School of Arts and Sciences helped us demonstrate how to turn an ordinary rock into a colorful, googly-eyed creature! Let’s get started!


Step One:

Head outside and find the perfect rock

Venture out into your backyard and start hunting! Your rock can be any shape or size. It can be big or small, round or square, bumpy or smooth – it’s totally up to you! Collect several rocks to maximize your collection!


Step Two:

Clean your rock

Once you find the perfect rock (or three!), head inside to the sink. Rinse your rock off with water, then add soap and scrub with a toothbrush to get it extra shiny and clean. When all the soap is gone, dry your rock off with a towel and get ready to paint!


Step Three:

Paint the rock

Now that your rock is dirt-free, it’s time for the main event! Put on a smock or an apron and fill a plate with your favorite paint colors. You can use as many or as few as you’d like. You can paint it like a rainbow or make it look like your favorite animal. Add glitter to make your pet rock sparkly or attach pipe cleaners for antennas or a tail!


Step Four:

Add googly eyes

After you’re done painting, bring your pet rock to life by adding two googly eyes on top. For extra fun, you can make your pet rock a cyclops with just one eye, or you can add as many eyes as you want!


Step Five:

The finished product

Congratulations! You just created your very own pet rock! Finish up the fun project by giving your rock a name and letting it dry on the windowsill. Use your imagination to create stories about where your pet rock came from and what kind of adventures it goes on.


Did you try this activity with your children? Share your photos and stories in the comments below. We’d love to see what you created!


32 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

Summertime is finally here. The days are longer, the temperature is higher and children are out of school. Summer break provides the perfect opportunity to create lifelong memories with your children that will keep them smiling through the fall and winter months. Here are 32 fun ways you can spend time with your children this summer.

1. Visit your local farmers’ market

Support local farmers by buying fresh fruits and vegetables or homemade treats. For added fun: Buy ingredients to make a homemade meal or a healthy dessert or buy fresh flowers to create a beautiful floral arrangement for your home or to gift to a friend.

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Keeping Kids Safe: A Spotlight on Crimes That Often Target Youth in Foster Care


Credit: Getty Images

Our team of everyday superheroes, also known as Upbring foster parents, have opened their homes, hearts and families to the children we serve through Foster In Texas because they, like all of us at Upbring, are working to break the cycle of child abuse.

The physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of our Texas children is a top priority at Upbring and we want to make sure our communities are aware of three surprising, but prevalent, crimes that disproportionately affect youth in foster care. LifeLock recently shared some statistics about protecting all children from cybercrimes and in honor of National Foster Care Month, we are sharing them with you.

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