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In Their Own Words

Here is what birth mothers and adoptive families who have completed the adoption process with Upbring have to say.

Birth Mothers | Adoptive Families

Birth Mothers

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what I received through Upbring. The social workers went out of their way to help with the adoption process, starting with recommending a couple that was a perfect fit for what I was looking for. They were there every step of the way through the whole process, and I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative for everything Upbring has done for me and my baby. Thank you, Upbring, for helping me find the perfect home for my child!

Anonymous, Birth Mother

When I found out I was pregnant, my very first thought was adoption. I knew I was in no place to bring a child into the world without giving that child a good mother and father. One day when the time is right, I’ll be a strong mother from my experience. I know my birth mother was strong and I’d love to thank her for what she did. Maybe my daughter will thank me one day too. I got to pick her life, her future, and I know it will be a good one.

Laura, Birth Mother

In America, there are women who are desperate to be mothers and cannot bear children. There are also women who bear children and cannot be mothers. The gift of adoption is a blessing that can be treasured by both the birth parents and the adoptive parents, all to the benefit of the child.

Martha, Birth mother

All I can say is, think about the baby first. Then think about what you are going to have to go through being unprepared. You will always be that baby’s mother … and no one can ever take that away from you … adoption or not. When I see the pictures of my daughter and I notice how happy, healthy and safe she is and know that’s all I ever wanted for her, I cannot be more grateful for the parents that I chose to raise her.

Andrea, Birth Mother

I chose adoption because I didn’t feel I had an option. I had no help from family or friends and realized after giving birth that there was no way I could do it on my own. When my daughter was six months old she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. I thank God that she was with her adopted family then because they were able to provide her with the best possible care for her condition. I liked the idea of an open adoption where pictures and letters are shared. I held on to the hope that one day we would reunite. The outcome of this experience though has been monumental. I am reunited with my daughter and now my daughter has two families that love her very much!

Stephanie, Birth Mother

Adoptive Parents

A long time ago, another adoptive parent told us that, when you meet your baby and they are placed in your arms, your entire adoption journey will all make sense. We feel that is so true as Upbring facilitated our meeting with Laurel’s biological family and they, along with Laurel, are a beautiful addition to our lives. The open friendship (because it truly feels like one) that we have with Laurel’s biological parents and their families is so special. The love we all share for our baby, Laurel, is embraced by each of us and we all want the very best for her. Laurel is an amazing addition to all of our lives and we are blessed by the ways she has impacted us. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect match!

Mike and Carrie, adoptive parents

Our lives have been completely transformed. It has been such an amazing experience – though sometimes hard and sometimes we are not always sure what to do. We have learned so much about her and what her needs are, and she has gotten to know the comfort and love we have for her as well. Our daughter was placed into our home six months ago, but I believe she was always here – God named her before she was formed. We are so in love with her and feel like she completes our family, marriage and life.

Kaylee, adoptive mother

It’s hard to put into words what the last six months have meant to me. I didn’t expect that becoming a parent would happen so instantaneously. There is nothing more incredible than when your child smiles at you for the first time or recognizes your voice. Adoption gave us this beautiful opportunity to become parents.

Debbie, adoptive mother

This is our dream come true! The very moment we laid eyes on this precious, tiny, baby girl in the hospital’s nursery window, our hearts grew bigger than we ever thought possible. As God’s own adopted children, we are completely humbled that He would bring us to a deeper understanding of His great love for us on our way to meet our own daughter. We will never forget that our great gain was born out of another’s severe loss. One of our goals is to instill in our daughter the same deep respect and gratitude that we have for her birth family. As she grows and learns and experiences the world, our hope is that she will bring the love and hope of Christ to others wherever she goes.

Sean and Caydee, adoptive parents

What has the last six months meant? Lots of changes. I couldn’t imagine how much before we were matched. We used to worry about lots of silly stuff. I didn’t know how much we’d love this little girl. Our family is bigger. We have a daughter and a birth Mom and a half-sister in our lives. We have more love and support from our “village” than we ever expected and more joy from parenting than one heart can hold.

Derak, adoptive father

On the day we had the call that she was being born, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We were not prepared for the amount of love we would have for our daughter. It was instant and beyond anything either of us has felt. It put our love for anything else in perspective. Our experience at the hospital was amazing when we prayed with the birth parents and they placed our daughter in my wife’s arms. We never could have imagined how perfect our daughter is for us. She continues to grow our hearts as we fall more and more in love with her each day.

Andy, adoptive father

As our beautiful daughter approaches her 18th birthday, I find myself looking back and remembering the day that changed our lives forever, 17 years ago in September 1996. The joy we had is indescribable as we saw and held the angel that God saw fit to bless us with. Looking into her birth mother’s face, I realized that while we now felt complete and filled with more joy than words could ever describe, there was a young woman who had made the ultimate sacrifice for us to have that feeling. We have been blessed with having a fully open relationship with Chelsea’s birth family, and Chelsea is very proud to have and know this “other family” that loves her too, It has been so wonderful over the years to share all the ups and downs of Chelsea’s life with them, to keep them assured that she is truly loved, healthy, and happy.

Jacki, adoptive mother

I was honored to be in the delivery room with my daughter’s birth mother, to have been the one who cut her cord and the first to hold her. She was perfect in every way and it was one of the happiest days of my life. To be given the gift of motherhood. She’s my little light. My little happy. I am a stay-at-home mom and I love every second of it.

Kim, adoptive mother

From the moment he was born my wife and I have both had a feeling that God meant for us to be together. Holding him in our arms, giving him his bottles, playing with him, and just being with him feels very natural to both of us. He is doing amazingly well and it is so much fun to watch him change, grow and learn every day! I already can’t imagine our lives without him.

Jon, adoptive father

Theresa was maybe two days old and as I sat with her alone in the hospital room I completely broke my promise that I wouldn’t fall in love too soon. I’ve since managed to forgive myself. She wakes up every day wearing a smile and prepared to explore the world with her grabbing fingers and toothless gums. She’s always ready to belly-laugh with the slightest tickle. She’s eager to teach her big brother how to share his toys. She revels in splashing water in her tiny inflatable bathtub. She learns words like “adorable” and “precious” when she goes out to the stores. And she’ll fall asleep in my arms with a gentle rock. I think that’s the best part. She’s already brought so much love and joy to our family that it’s hard to imagine even what the next few years will be like. Simply put, she’s been a wonderful daughter.

Paul, adoptive father

Our family is so precious now that our daughter is a part of it. She’s a calm, happy baby, and you can tell she’ll be a gentle loving person filled with playfulness and curiosity about everything around her.

Michael, adoptive father

Our adoption of Robert has been an answer to a lot of prayers. We are so blessed to be parents and have enjoyed watching him grow. He learns new things each day and is adjusting very well. I am thrilled to be a stay-at-home mom and love spending time snuggling with him. We are overjoyed to have him in our family. Initially we were nervous about meeting his birth mom prior to placement but have found this provided a lot of peace, post placement, knowing a little more about her and knowing she had chosen us. We are thankful for the time we spent with her and feel this was very special.

Libby, adoptive mother

I don’t know how our family would be complete without Theresa. It’s been a completely different experience in so many ways than when we adopted our first child, primarily because she is a different human being, but it has been an enlightening and wonderful experience. She is enriching our lives as parents and as a family, and AJ’s life as he is still just beginning to form his character and nature. We are all better for having Theresa in our life and we are so excited to continue our lives with this precious, tiny little girl.

Victoria, Adoptive mother

Attempting to summarize the most love- and joy-filled moment of my lifetime simply cannot fit into two or three sentences. Becoming a father via the adoption process was a journey of faith and trust in God which has led to a rich family life and sense of gratitude for all the blessings in my life. Having a healthy and happy baby boy to hold, to love, and to cherish makes every day better than the day before.

Cyril, Adoptive Father

Every moment of the last six months has been a tremendous blessing. I am completely smitten with this little boy who challenges, teaches and surprises me every day. Liam became a part of our family the minute we met him, and he will grow up knowing he is very, very loved. I will always be grateful to his birth mother for giving me the precious gift of motherhood. Building our family through adoption was the best decision my husband and I have ever made, and I know in my heart this was God’s plan for us all along.

Amy, Adoptive Mother

It’s been a whirlwind since Robin joined our family. It hardly seems yesterday that we were dashing off to the hospital to meet her, but at the same time it’s hard to remember when Robin wasn’t around with her beaming smile, cooing and laughing. It was a long journey for Robin to enter our lives: dealing with infertility, becoming citizens, and the process of adoption itself. We’re looking forward to the rest of the journey together.

Corran & Kimberly, Adoptive Parents

It is quite difficult to put into words something as powerful and meaningful as adopting our daughter. Every day has been filled with new challenges and wonderful experiences. I am constantly amazed by how deeply I have connected with her, even without her having yet spoken a word to me. Her smile is quite possibly the most uplifting thing I have ever seen and I look forward to coming home from work so that I can see her smile when I come into the room. In short, caring for her is the best thing I do, and she is the most important thing in my life.

Sam, Adoptive Father

What can I say about the impact of Mia’s arrival into our family other than it has been the biggest blessing that my wife and I could have ever asked for. The last six months have been an absolutely amazing experience filled with countless learning opportunities, and the sweetest smiles I could have ever imagined. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for granting us this great honor.

Edgar, Adoptive Father

During the 2012 Christmas season I thought to myself that I couldn’t be happier. Then a precious baby girl came into our lives and taught me what true happiness is all about. She has made me experience feelings and emotions I thought I would never experience again due to the emotional hardships I faced with losing my daughter. The past six months have been nothing but a preview of true happiness, and now I cannot picture our lives without our little bundle of joy.

Liz, Adoptive Mother

Bringing our daughter into our lives has fulfilled a purpose in life that we continue to learn more about each day. I now see the world through the eyes of a parent, which is only best understood when being a parent yourself. Your attitudes, opinions, priorities, roles, schedules, and responsibilities change. You are no longer just responsible for the marriage relationship, but also the biblical upbringing of a child, which is nothing to take lightly. It has been truly an amazing process.

Paul, Adoptive Father 

Life with Hudson is more incredible than we could have ever imagined. He is the perfect addition to our little family. He is such a happy baby and brings us and his brother such joy! We thank God every day for giving us favor of being parents again!

Renee & Billy, Adoptive Parents 

We will always remember what MaKenna’s birth parents did for us. We cannot imagine how overwhelming it must have been for them to choose adoption. We realize that the decision that they made took so much courage. They entrusted us with the most precious gift … a child. We truly admire and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our lifelong dreams of becoming a mom and dad.

Dana, Adoptive Mother

Adopting our daughter has been one of the most amazing experiences and gifts I could ever receive. All of the trials and struggles my husband and I have gone through with infertility all faded away when I held her for the first time. The connection I feel and have with her is so much bigger than I ever could have imagined. Watching her continue to grow over these last six months has been an amazing journey and pure happiness.

Kristen, Adoptive Mother

Because our son’s adoption went relatively smoothly we decided that we would definitely use Lutheran Adoption Services of Texas [now Upbring] for our next adoption and it too was ultimately seamless. Our children’s birth mothers are respectful of us as a family and love to learn new information and see updated pictures of our children. Our children’s birth mothers are an important part of our extended family and we hope this will always be the case.

Melissa, Adoptive Mother

When my husband and I married, we knew we wanted adoption to be a part of how we formed our family. We now have two children we have adopted with the help of Lutheran Adoption Services of Texas. They were very professional and personable. Our social workers were wonderful about staying in touch with us and keeping us informed about our process. We were well taken care of from the beginning of our home study to standing in the courtroom finalizing our adoptions.

In short, adoption is exactly how our family was meant to come together. Both of our children’s birth mothers selflessly gave us the two most beautiful gifts we have ever received. Adoption has forever changed our lives, and we are so grateful for the gift of parenthood.

Mandi Jo, Adoptive Mother

Adding Adriana to our family has been an answer to many prayers over many years. Adjusting to having a baby is a challenge but I love our daughter with my whole heart and cannot imagine my life without her in it. Having contact with her birth mother has also been wonderful. It has given me a sense of peace to know she is doing well and to know that she keeps up with Adriana.

Kristen, Adoptive Mother

Since the day we brought our daughter home, I have personally grown in more ways than I can enumerate. Not only have I become more selfless as I try to take care of her needs above my own, I have gained a new respect for my family as I now have a better sense of what it means to be a parent. I have also seen an exceptional outpouring of love from them and our other family and friends as they have all shown unconditional love by welcoming this beautiful child who is not even their blood relative into the family. She is a joy to all of us, and we can’t imagine life without her.

Matthew, Adoptive Father

I put my hope in God and continued to pray. People tell us what a great thing we are doing for this child. But our child is doing so much for us. We had a very nice life before Micah and we wanted to share our happiness. What we might have been naive to was the amount of joy this child would bring by himself and share with us. There was some worry about not bonding with an adopted child. This thought began to fly away the moment he was put in my arms. Over the last six months the bond has grown so much that we decided to “sacrifice” one income and I became a stay-at-home mom. I am LOVING the time I get to spend with our baby. We have been blessed by God to share our lives with each other and none of us have any doubt that it was planned this way.

Tiffany, Adoptive Mother

For the last six months, we have been laughing, playing, and growing together. He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen, and we know that part of that is just his nature, but part of it has to be that he knows how happy we are to have him. I don’t think that any father, mother, and baby have ever been more perfectly matched. I’ve never been happier.

Casey, Adoptive Father

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