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Texas Youth Permanency Study

What Happens to Youth Leaving Foster Care?

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Is it possible that the child welfare system has been missing an essential piece of the puzzle? For decades, the system has placed a premium on legal permanency (adoption, reunification, kinship care) for children in foster care. The thought was that finding a “forever family” would provide youth with the supports and permanent connections they need to succeed as they transition to adulthood.

The Texas Youth Permanency Study calls into question the premise that legal permanency is necessarily sufficient – and offers an alternative model for success:

  • Authentic relationships matter most.
  • Every child needs to feel normal.
  • Authentic relationships and feeling normal foster well-being in adulthood.

What does it mean to you?

Anyone who has a formal or informal role in a young person’s life, including teachers, caseworkers, therapists and foster parents, can provide the authentic relationships youth need to succeed after leaving foster care.

Prospective study participants

If you are a  youth in foster care who is interested in participating in the Texas Youth Permanency Study, click here.

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