Every Child has a Story

Thousands of children in Texas need a safe, loving home. Just like every child in the world, children in foster care have talents, dreams and incredible potential.

Foster parents have the unique opportunity to give children a new opportunity chance at childhood, helping them heal and move forward from the circumstances that brought them to foster care.

Every child needs a champion to help them learn and grow — someone to encourage their dreams and prepare them for life’s many successes. You can be that champion!

Requirements to Foster through Upbring

You qualify to apply if you:

  • Are single or married (if married, for a minimum of two years).
  • Retired or employed.
  • Are 21 years of age or older.
  • Are emotionally and physically healthy.
  • Have a regular source of income (cannot be dependent on the foster care payment for expenses, nor can you be on government assistance).
  • Have no criminal history, or have proof of rehabilitation.
  • Do not have a history of abusing a child or another adult.

Do you meet the basic qualification requirements?
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Not able to foster? Find other ways to be a champion.

Other Ways to Help Children in Foster Care

Not everyone is able to be a foster parent, but everyone can do
something to help a child in foster care.


Volunteers are an essential part of the work we do to end the cycle of child abuse. Your willingness to share your hobbies, talents, encouragement and time with our Texas children makes a tremendous impact on the lives of the boys and girls we serve.


When you make a gift to Upbring, you are creating a brighter future for countless children and families. Your gift—no matter the size—makes a profound difference in the lives of children and families we serve.